So some guy I don’t know kept calling me on skype this morning at 7am. Yeah. 7AM. WTF. I just get to sleep an hour or two beforehand, and I get rudely awakened by a million consecutive calls. I look and see that the person had messaged me before calling, saying “Sorry for being random, but who is the girl on the photo?” 

Seriously?! It’s my personal account for personal use so I don’t think I’d be using some random-ass photo pretending to be someone else. 

I’m fine with early-morning calls if there’s some substance to it, if there’s a reason for calling, not some stupid reason like that. Also, if the person doesn’t answer the first, second or third time, shut the fuck up and bother someone else.

SO. Naturally, I’m kinda pissed off for someone rudely awakening me. Here’s the message I sent back.

Stop fucking calling me at 7am. I just got to fucking sleep and now you’re fucking calling me asking this stupid shit like who the photo is of. Jesus fucking christ. I dont think anyone’s this stupid, so stop calling me and get a fucking life. GTFO and stop asking stupid questions. This is my personal acct, so why the fuck would I have a random profile picture? Go bother someone else you sad sack of shit.

…And then they were blocked. 

Moral of this story? Dont mess with a sleep-deprived me.